NovaSAR-1 Proposal System

Welcome to OPAL, the NovaSAR-1 National Facility online proposal system. For information about OPAL and submitting proposals to the facility click here.

The NovaSAR-1 National Facility is currently accepting proposals for the round AUG2022:

Proposals will be considered for time between 01 October 2022 and 01 October 2023.

The deadline for proposals is 5 September 2022 5:00 PM (Sydney local time, equivalent to 07:00 UTC)

Time remaining: (Approx.)

To submit and view your proposals, you must have a registered OPAL account.

A proposal submitted via the OPAL system will consist of:

  1. A cover sheet created with the cover sheet editor.
  2. An acquisitions table created with the acquisitions table editor.
  3. A zip archive (<10MB) containing a proposal justification in PDF format (not longer than one A4 page) and one or more area of interest (AOI) files in shp/kml/kmz format.

See the full guide to submitting proposals.

Please read the web information on the NovaSAR-1 satellite specifications and imaging modes before submitting a proposal.

OPAL supports Firefox and Internet Explorer.